Autodesk – Switch to Subscription

Maintenance Renewal Time? You’ve Got Options


As part of Autodesk’s move to a subscription business model, we at MasterGraphics.aec want to walk you through this change and continue to provide you with the same software value you have come to expect.


Subscription offers many benefits, as it will allow Autodesk to deliver a superior experience in the following ways:


  • Access – Receive broad access to the latest tools, technologies, and services that you use today and in the future.
  • Control – Use what you need when you need it, and provide access to your users in a controlled and cost effective manner.
  • Insights – Leverage reporting and analytics across users and products to evaluate spend, productivity, and future needs.


Beginning on June 15th, our clients with eligible products will have the ability to choose to move to subscription for the same cost as your maintenance plan renewal—or switch to an industry collection at a special price.


When you switch, you are securing the subscription price for 3 years. If you continue to renew, you’ll enjoy this discounted pricing, which will be lower than maintenance plan renewal pricing, and far below the cost of purchasing a new subscription.


Maintenance renewal prices will increase every year. Next year – maintenance prices will increase by 10% and the year after another 20%. Keep this in consideration when reviewing your long term software budget.


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Q: What are my options if I want to switch products on maintenance to subscription?

A: Many products on maintenance plans will be eligible to switch to subscription at the time of renewal. When you choose to switch, you will be required to give up your perpetual license for any seats you switch. See the guidelines below. Also, you will have the ability to switch to an annual or multi-user subscription, regardless of the term length of your current maintenance plan.


Q: What are the benefits of switching from maintenance to subscription now?

A: The price to switch will increase 5% in 2018 and another 5% in 2019, so the earlier you switch to subscription, the less it will cost. In addition, you will be experiencing the benefits of subscription described above, in addition to:

  • The convenience of charging subscription cost annually to projects
  • Frequent product updates that you can decide when to consume
  • More convenient support including “schedule a call” for faster engagement times
  • Simpler administration of software when standardizing products on subscription


Q: Can I continue to use my installed perpetual license software after switching my maintenance plan to a subscription if it is an eligible product and version in the new subscription?

A: The option to switch to subscription at this significant discount is conditional upon you agreeing to the termination of your perpetual license on a maintenance plan and its replacement with the new subscription. Normally, this means you would be required to uninstall your old perpetual license software and install software associated with your new subscription. Autodesk understands this could disrupt your workflow if you already have an eligible product and version installed.


Therefore, subject to certain conditions and limitations, including setting up your new subscription by assigning named users (single-user) or updating license files (multiuser), you may be permitted to leave your old perpetual license software installed until you are ready to install or deploy the new subscription*. However, your use and access to that software will no longer be perpetual nor governed by your perpetual license agreement. Instead, your software will be term-based and subject to the applicable subscription terms and conditions. In other words, if you choose to keep using your old perpetual license software instead of the new subscription software, you will still need to abide by your new subscription contract terms and conditions.


You are strongly encouraged to install the new subscription software as soon as possible in order to receive ongoing subscription benefits such as product updates. In some cases, including switching from suites to collections, this will require an uninstall of the original perpetual license software and installation of the new subscription software.


* The exception to the uninstallation requirement is subject to limitations and conditions that will be described in new maintenance to subscription switch terms and conditions, and will not be available to customers in every country.



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