Technology Disruption, Now What?!?!


Thursday, January 18th 2018 | 8:00 am – 9:30 am

Autodesk HUB| 1500 Wewatta Street, Denver, CO 80202

As seen at Autodesk University 2017, Jarod Schultz will present, “Technology Disruption: Now What?!?!” here in Denver at the Autodesk HUB office.


Technology is moving at a fast pace these days – and with it comes disruption. We’ll look at what has happened in the past and what is happening today to see how your firm can come up with a strategy moving forward. Some items to start thinking about: How has your firm been dealing with these disruptions? What lessons has your firm learned? Where is your firm in the “bell curve” of adoption? Are you and your staff being proactive? Are you walking and talking “return on investment” on your processes? Asking these questions and more, we’ll start looking at how to connect strategies together so your firm adopts and progresses with technology, staff, and workflows. After this presentation, you will take the first of many steps in what I call the Constant Cycle of Improvement.


Key Learning:

  • Understand processes and workflows of the 3 legs of improvement
  • Learn how you and your firm can adopt technology – the right way
  • Learn how to get off the merry-go-round of “it’s all about the technology”
  • Learn how to talk to management and owners about ROI


Jarod Schultz, Director of Specialized Services at initial.aec, helps AEC firms streamline bottlenecks and pain points in their daily workflows and processes. With over 25 years of experience in the AEC industry, he has seen both good and bad workflows first hand. From this experience, Jarod integrates what he has learned to enhance your daily outcomes. These final outcomes will be based on hardware, documentation, videos, workshops, mentoring, and software customized to that final solution. To start the process, he leads with a business strategy session with key team members to assess your current situation. Through his targeted Q&A, he can build a goal-oriented plan to start the process of improving your workflows and processes. Jarod’s expertise is in delivering creative solutions:


Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Software | Strategic Growth, Process, and Workflow Management | Sofware Development/Documentation | Presentation/Public Speaking Kazien Event/Emotional Intelligence Practitioner