AutoCAD Platform: Migrating Workspaces and Profiles

AutoCAD Platform: Migrating Workspaces and Profiles

In this Click Saver, I want to discuss how to transfer your settings and custom interface from one computer to the next or maybe from one version of AutoCAD to a new version. This has always been one of the biggest headaches for everyone that, for some, keeps them from upgrading to the newest version. Let’s see if we can kill some headaches and save some clicks, making this a little easier for everyone.

How to Create a Custom Workspace

To get started, get your AutoCAD interface looking the way you like it, including toolbars and palettes. Since so many people are on so many different releases, and the Workspace interface has changed and moved around so much, I decided to show everyone how to do it through the command line.

1) Type in Workspace at the command line. Type in SA and give your workspace a name.

2) Type in Workspace again and type in SE. Check the radio button telling it to “Automatically save workspace changes” when switching workspaces.

3) On the command line type CUI to open the Custom User Interface dialog box. Click on the “Transfer” tab.

4) Drag your custom workspace from the left side (Main CUI) over to the right side (New CUI), dropping it right on top of the word “Workspaces”.

5) On the right side (New CUI), click the down arrow and select “Save AS”, saving the new CUI file someplace where you won’t forget.

6) Hit OK in the CUI dialog box.

7) Type in Options at the command line and hit enter. Now, go to the Profiles tab.

8) If you current Profile is not named, then select the Rename button and give it a name.

9) Select the Export button to export out the current profile and put your name on it, saving it in the same place as the CUI file.

Share or Move Your Custom Workspace and Profile

The nice thing about workspaces and profiles is that you can go to any new computer, or newer version of AutoCAD, and immediately make it look the same way as before.

  1. On the new computer or new version of AutoCAD type in Options.
  2. Go to the Profiles tab and select Import and import your profile that you saved earlier.
  3. Now pick Set Current to make your profile active.
  4. Pick Apply and Ok to finish.
  5. To transfer your custom workspace to a new computer, type in CUI at the command line and go to the “Transfer” tab.
  6. On the right side, click the down arrow and select “Open…” and browse and open the CUI file that contains your custom workspace that you saved earlier. When it is opened, drag your custom workspace from the right side, to the left side (Main CUI) and drop it over the word “Workspaces.”
  7. Hit OK in the CUI dialog box.
  8. To switch to your custom workspace, type in Workspace at the command line and hit Enter, type in C to set your workspace current by typing in the name and hitting Enter.

I hope these steps make it easier for everyone going forward when you need to transfer these types of settings to a new computer or a newer version of AutoCAD.

See you in class,