Bluebeam Studio vs Studio Prime

Bluebeam Studio vs Studio Prime

Last month I reviewed integrating a third party solution and Bluebeam® via Studio® Prime. This post will compare Bluebeam Studio to Studio Prime.


Bluebeam Studio is a free, cloud based collaboration solution built into Bluebeam Revu®. Studio projects and sessions are the two components within this offering.

Studio Projects is a cloud-based document management system which allows users to check files in/out. Projects help to control and track document version.

Studio Sessions allow for real-time, virtual collaboration (whether online or offline). Have multiple users working in a single file while tracking markups. Also, generate summaries upon a session’s completion.

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Studio Prime is an additional option you can add to your Bluebeam Revu subscription. With Studio Prime you get all the features available through Studio plus various administrative functionality.

Core functionality includes:

  • Administration Over Members + Collaborators
  • Project + Session Management
  • Studio Insights for In-Depth Reporting
  • Studio API to Enable Integration with Third Party Applications
  • Management of Client Integrations
  • High-Level Visibility on Studio Usage + Trends

Studio Prime allows you to gain deeper insight on the activity within your projects and sessions while providing greater project and session management capabilities.

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Alex Arriaga is a Bluebeam Design Technology Specialist at MG AEC Technology Partners. Alex is a Bluebeam Certified Instructor, Bluebeam Certified Support Representative and a member of the Denver Bluebeam User Group. He works with organizations and individuals in furthering their workflows with and knowledge of Bluebeam Revu.


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