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MG.aec provides innovative solutions to the AEC industry. We offer complete building and infrastructure technology solutions for all software, training, consulting, BIM/CAD Management and implementation needs. We are looking for experienced candidates who will partner with and ensure long-term success of our clients. Because of our reputation, we lead the AEC industry as a design technology service provider. We know this reputation is because of each team member. MG.aec team members are recognized for being:

  • Problem solvers with industry experience and passionate about their work
  • Big picture dreamers that can focus on the daily details
  • Not just a service provider, but a partner in solving the clients’ needs
  • Committed to their colleagues’ success and celebrating as a team

Whether you see a job posted here, or you are just plain interested in joining the team at MG.aec, let us know! We will take a look at your resume and contact you if a position taps into your talents.