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Managing Technology Assets Without the Headache

Subscription, maintenance, network servers, deployments, installation, upgrades – do these words give you anxiety?  In part three of our series, we explore the ways initial.aec can assist you with the software and technology tools you use daily to execute your...

End User Support – There When You Need Us Most

You are working on your project and suddenly, an error message pops up that you don’t recognize. Or, your software begins to act in unexpected ways. For many, this causes a sense of panic and frustration as we often don’t...

Removing the “Shutdown and Install Updates” from the start menu in Windows 7

Witten By: James Pray Laptop users often want to shut down their laptop and be on their way quickly.  However, Microsoft has built in to their latest operating system a default shutdown that forces the installation of Windows updates.  This...

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