Create Point Groups + Surface in Dynamo with One Click!

Create Point Groups + Surface in Dynamo with One Click!

Civil 3D has long been a powerful solution for site civil design, but when it came to customizing or increasing efficiency, the options were limited. A couple years ago when you ran into the limits of what Civil 3D could do, you had 2 options: Pay for someone to write programs for you or write Lisp routines.  Paying for full on programming services can get expensive quick and Lisp routines are limited and clunky. Thankfully now there is a third option proving to be a game changer for Civil 3D Automation and Customization – Dynamo! 

Dynamo is a relatively simple visual programming interface based on the Python language. You don’t have to actually know how to program, you can just search for your node of choice and put powerful scripts together. These scripts can be disseminated to the entire design team for easy use through the Dynamo Player.

There is a learning curve with Dynamo, but putting in a little time on the front end can save you and your team literally hundreds of hours on the back end. Every project can be done more efficiently with a little Dynamo integration. If you can dream it, you can probably do it in Dynamo! Let’s take a look at an example.


With a simple Dynamo script, we can browse to a raw survey data file and with just one click ,organize the points into point groups and generate an existing ground surface. Through Dynamo or Dynamo Player:

  • Browse to the survey csv file
  • Choose the Group you would like created
  • Hit Run

When the drawing the points are imported, they are organized into groups and an existing ground surface magically appears!

Download the Dynamo Graph Here >




MG is an industry leader for Dynamo services for Civil 3D. We can be contracted to provide Civil 3D through Dynamo customization for organizations as well as training for designers looking to add Dynamo to their skillset to maximize their efficiency in Civil 3D.


At MG, Nick Turner brings his expertise within the Civil Engineering community. He trains surveyors, engineers and contractors across the nation on the latest design techniques. These include GIS to Civil 3D, Civil Infrastructure, Point Clouds, Virtual Construction, Hydraulic Design, Scanning, Lidar and 2D Hydraulic Modeling. He is a passionate, knowledgeable, committed and innovative individual.