End User Support – There When You Need Us Most

End User Support – There When You Need Us Most

You are working on your project and suddenly, an error message pops up that you don’t recognize. Or, your software begins to act in unexpected ways. For many, this causes a sense of panic and frustration as we often don’t have time to troubleshoot technical issues and simply want to focus on the task at hand, without losing any of the valuable work we have already completed. Not to worry! initial.aec has a dedicated support staff that are only a phone call or email away. There are a variety of ways we can assist when you need effective, reliable support.

On-Demand Problem Solving & Assistance

Stuck on a task? Give us a call! Our software clients can reach our support staff Monday through Friday with issues ranging from simply getting started with your new software purchase, or complex technical issues. Additionally, we contact the vendor on your behalf to escalate support cases that require their expertise and assistance.

Dedicated Phone Number & Email for Support

We can provide a dedicated point of contact for you and your firm to reach us. For example, some of our clients opt for a support email group that allows for the first available team member to begin working the problem.

Custom Training & New Release Workshops

Need your staff to get up to speed on the latest features and benefits of your software investment? Contact us to schedule a custom training course or new release workshop to focus on the items most relevant to you and your team when you need it.

Remote Online Assistance

Our team of experts can assess and diagnose technical issues too complex to explain over the phone or email by jumping on a virtual meeting to see and assist you directly as if we were right in your office.

Scheduled Onsite Visits

Sometimes issues are best handled in-person. Schedule an on-site visit with our team to have the hands-on experience of a technical expert to answer your questions and get your firm running at maximum efficiency. Additionally, we are happy to schedule regular visits at your office to provide continued, dedicated support.

At initial.aec, we are dedicated to creating lasting partnerships with our clients. Contact us today to see how these BIM Management services can improve your business, from concept to construction.