How to get a BIM Manager Without Hiring One

How to get a BIM Manager Without Hiring One

“The on-site and on-demand BIM support services initial.aec provides RNL allows our design teams to get past the inevitable technical obstacles in order to focus on  the design task at hand.”

Carl Hole, AIA
Principal | RNL Design

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In the first part of our Design Technology Service Series, we will dive into the BIM Management offerings of initial.aec. With the fast-paced nature of the AEC industry today, we all know the importance of incorporating BIM efficiently at your firm, to ensure you can stay competitive and win more work. However, the actual details of BIM Management can get left behind as there is a strong desire to have standards – but the dedicated resources of time and personnel are not always available.

We offer several avenues for our clients to receive robust support and training to get your team up and running in a BIM environment, or enhance the current BIM workflows you have already established. Our team of experienced Design Technology Specialists enjoy a challenge, and would love the opportunity to work with you. Below are some of the areas we can assist as your partner in BIM Management.

Process Workflow and Best Practices

If you are beginning the transition to Revit, initial.aec can ease common pain points that occur when reevaluating process workflows by providing a solid foundation for your BIM implementation. Our techs have years of experience working both on-site and remotely with various firms on all sides of the AEC industry, and can provide customized solutions that are right for you.

Standards Implementation & Documentation

Tired of re-inventing the wheel for each new project? initial.aec can assist in creating design standards and documentation so your entire team is working in concert across the life cycle of a project. This significantly reduces rework, helps you onboard new team members quickly, and allows for seamless collaboration.

Template Creation, Review & Enhancement

Revit templates provide a starting point for a new project, while helping you consistently enforce your BIM standards. Templates can include views, loaded families, defined settings, and geometry based on the project type or the team currently working on the model. We are experienced in both enhancing existing templates, or creating new ones that allow your team to focus on design rather than technical set up.

Project Kick-off & Model Maintenance Check List

Successful collaboration between different stakeholders on a project is a key element to any BIM implementation. When sitting down with these stakeholders during the project kick-off, it is imperative that standards are established, so you don’t end up with an unusable model further along in the design process. That’s where a pre-determined check list can come in handy to regroup and perform any necessary model maintenance at the appropriate stages to keep all teams working efficiently from start to finish.

Content Creation & Design

We can partner with you to create great content for all your BIM deliverables. The Revit families and templates developed can be parametric and schedulable for your projects. They will be designed in a way that gives you and your team the flexibility and adaptability needed to use the content for years to come.

Contribute an Objective Perspective 

Sometimes we simply need a fresh perspective to improve our business practices, think innovatively, and move forward. With the diverse industry backgrounds of our Design Technology Specialists, we can offer both a listening ear and practical guidance to help tackle the many challenges of BIM. We know your business runs at its best when you can focus on design.

At initial.aec, we are dedicated to creating lasting partnerships with our clients. Contact us today to see how these BIM Management services can improve your business, from concept to construction.



“When a company goes beyond selling a product or a service and takes the time to learn our business and goals, they become partners.  Where vendors come and go, partners establish long term trust and commitment to our organization; they provide a value-add that becomes indispensable to us.”

Zoltan Karl
Associate Principal / IT Director | Page