Introducing – initial.aec Pro-Revit Tools

Introducing – initial.aec Pro-Revit Tools

Our Pro-Revit Tools extend the capabilities of Revit Architecture, Structure, and MEP in various key areas. By using our Pro-Revit Tools they will make your life easier and more productive when working with Revit. We have concentrated on 6 key areas with our Pro-Revit Tools: BIM Manger, Analysis, Annotate, Modify, View, and Select tools. Try our tools for 21 days and see how you can “Open the Revit Productivity Box”.

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Align Text

Aligns text on different sides and in different points. You have to select one TEXT NOTE or LABEL and one DETAIL or MODEL LINE.

Simple Align

Aligns text on any of four sides. You have to select one TEXT NOTE or LABEL and one DETAIL or MODEL LINE.

BIM Query

Export or import Revit data to Microsoft Excel format. Tool includes simplified spread sheet editor, where you can edit data.

View Depth Override

Adds lineweight depth to your elevations, sections, and 3D views. Control color and hatch override when it overrides your view.

Category Toggle On or Off

Displays a dialog to switch Off or On categories in selected views.

Create Assembly Views

Create assembly views and sheet for selected assemblies.

Door Swing

Define default swing direction for Door families and calculate swing direction for all Door instances.

Edit Grid Name

Displays selected grids in a list, where you can edit name.

Edit Materials

Add prefix or suffix to Material Names, and delete selected materials from project.

Draw Bounding Box

Draws Detail Lines around selected elements.

Export Families to Folder

Exports all or just a few families to a specific folder.

Import Multiple Families from Multiple Folders

Imports selected families from multiple folders. Along with a search tool to help find a certain family.


Creates shared parameter with cut length for the selected element

Insertion Location

Creates shared parameter with insertion point (bottom and top) for the selected element.


Creates shared parameter with element thickness and elevation for selected element.

Legend by Category

Creates table with preview for elements in project with selected category. Has to be run in LEGEND VIEW with at least one LEGEND COMPONENT in it.

Material Legend

Creates material legend for selected view. Has to be run in empty DRAFTING VIEW.

Multi Type Editor

Displays a dialog, where you can edit Families and Types.

Multi Join

Join selected instances.

Folder Tool

Opens project location in Windows Explorer.

Project Cleanup

Select views to delete in the project. Settings can be stored in the database for later use (on other project).

Resize Section Box

Dialog to resize MIN and MAX dimensions of Section Box. Can also size Section Box based on Room or Space along with Floor location or Existing View.

Rooms to Floors

Creates floors from rooms. Floor boundaries are created at inside face of walls bounding the room and under the door facing from the room.

Select By Category

Select elements by category.

Select By Type

Select elements by type.

Filter Tool

Shows advanced element filter dialog for selection of model and annotation elements.

Sheet/View Manager

Shows a form where you can edit Sheet and View name and other properties. When editing sheets, it is possible to duplicate the sheet and select viewports for new sheet.

2D View Crop Region

Define Crop Region size according to project units.

Crop Region from Selection

Defines Crop Region at a specified offset from selected elements

Match Crop Region

Matches Crop Region size and position according to selected view.

Camera View Crop Region

Modify aspect ratio on crop Region for selected camera view.

Align Viewport on Sheet

Aligns selected viewports on sheet.

Room Lighting

Calculates ratio between room area and sum of window areas for the room.