Kolberg Pioneer Equipment Animations Project

Kolberg Pioneer Equipment Animations Project

Kolberg Pioneer (KPI) is the leading manufacturer of material handling and processing equipment for the mining and highway construction industries. KPI is part of the Astec Industries, Inc., family of companies along with Johnson Crushers International (JCI).

Recently KPI came to MG.aec because the company wanted to create a new level of exciting marketing and presentation materials for their InMotion equipment program. The new line up of equipment was designed in Autodesk Inventor and everyone at KPI was very excited about the possibilities of carrying forward their Inventor models for use at tradeshows and in the company’s marketing and sales presentations. The hurdle was that in an extremely busy company, the time was not available for the staff to figure out how to prepare the Inventor data for the animation process.

Members of the KPI marketing team received recommendations to work with Stephen Gabriel, MG.aec’s Specialized Services team’s Visualization Manager.  Stephen came right alongside the KPI team and developed a suite of 3ds Max models from the Inventor models.  The Max models were then animated and realistically rendered to blend with actual photos and videos of the equipment and job sites.  By incorporating Max’s applied physics and particle algorithms, Stephen created a set of animations for enhancing both KPI’s industry leading reputation as innovators along with assisting the company’s sales team in communicating the advantages of their equipment.

Stephen and the KPI team were able to complete the job under some very tight timelines to present at one of the construction industries largest trade shows.  Dave Cooper, Multi-Media Designer for KPI stated that, “Stephen’s work was highly professional, innovative and met KPI’s tight deadlines.” Dave went on to say that, “KPI could not have been more pleased with Stephen and MG.aec.”

If your firm or company requires the “set us above the norm” highest standards for presentation graphics, animation, VR or AR for your next AEC, Manufacturing, or Media and Entertainment industry design project consider partnering with Stephen Gabriel and the Visualization team at MG.aec.