Latest 3DR Site Scan Updates

Latest 3DR Site Scan Updates

3DR continuously works to improve their Site Scan application, and we wanted to share the latest with you:

Improved Site Scan Field

Since the announcement that Site Scan is now integrated with DJI drones last month, beginning with the Phantom 4 Pro. Now, they are working to add more DJI vehicles to the toolkit, and to begin that process, Site Scan is now upgraded to the new DJI software development kit (SDK), which has a number of performance improvements and enables 3DR to continue integrating the Site Scan application with DJI’s broader lineup of products.

Site Scan is now also fully compatible with iOS 11, and there is a brand new photo viewer that makes it easy for you to swipe between photos. This feature will help with finding inspection photos directly on the job site.

Read-only Accounts

Enterprise Atlas is the 3DR solution for large and fast-growing businesses. it allows you to have control over how key stakeholders access drone data, so specific parameters can be set for different roles, projects, and organizations. Enterprise Atlas now includes read-only accounts. This is perfect for when you want to give a key stakeholder dedicated access to Site Scan data, so they can view their latest orthomosaics and deliverables whenever they’d like.

Easily Share Elevation Layers

Site Scan has 3 elevation layers: cut and fill map, digital elevation model, and hillshade viewer. All 3 reveal detailed, actionable data on your jobsite with the click of a button. Now, you can quickly share these elevation layers with your team and other stakeholders in two new ways: through the PDF export feature, and through shared map links.

Last but not least, the map legend in Site Scan Manager has been updated to include elevation values. Now, you can just hover over any part of an orthomosaic to see the specific elevation value of that part of the project.

GCP Sets

As your projects develop over the course of a few months or even years, it’s common to add new ground control points (GCPs) as time goes on. Now, Site Scan supports this by enabling you to upload new GCPs and add them to existing data products.

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