Managing Technology Assets Without the Headache

Managing Technology Assets Without the Headache

Subscription, maintenance, network servers, deployments, installation, upgrades – do these words give you anxiety?  In part three of our series, we explore the ways initial.aec can assist you with the software and technology tools you use daily to execute your BIM strategy. With so many products and tools out there, it is hard to know where to start when determining which options are right for your firm and which you could live without. Let’s look at the ways we take the headache out of managing your software systems.

Autodesk & Add-ins, Deployments & Updates

The product portfolio of Autodesk is expanding all the time. But, how do you decide what new pieces of software add the most value to your firm? What factors should you consider when deploying the latest version or update to all of your users? When is the latest add-in available? You have questions – we have answers. initial.aec will work with you to curate the best portfolio of software tools on the market, combined with valuable technical experience to get the right tools to the right users at the right time.

Network or Multi-User License Management

Wonderful, we now have the ability to share software licenses in a network environment! But wait, how do you properly set it up to guarantee license compliance with various vendors while ensuring all users have access to the tools they need every day? Multi-user environments are initial.aec’s specialty as we partner with clients both large and small who use a network server. So whether you are a large firm with many offices around the globe, or you simply need the multi-user experience in one location, we are ready to help.

Revit Server & Revit Collaboration Setup & Maintenance

As mentioned in our BIM Management post, collaboration with colleagues both inside and outside of your firm is critical for keeping on top of deadlines, staying organized, and making sure the project is a success. Our experience with Autodesk’s Collaboration for Revit and A360 cloud services can take the cumbersome nature out of model-based collaboration. We have determined best practices when incorporating these tools into your workflow, to take some of the growing pains out of implementation.

Software Asset Management & License Usage

Managing all of these various software licenses can be overwhelming, especially when there are legal implications of software over-use. We have the ability to perform an assessment of your current software installations and usage to allow you to modify as needed – before the dreaded Autodesk audit letter arrives. In addition to license compliance, we can work with you to create a software adoption strategy based on your business growth and hiring plans.

Bluebeam Installation & Updates

If you have not explored how Bluebeam can seriously step up your PDF game, give it a look. Our certified sales and training staff can walk you through “going paperless” with ease.

At initial.aec, we are dedicated to creating lasting partnerships with our clients. Contact us today to see how these Technical Support services can improve your business, from concept to construction.[/vc_column_text]