MG Connected 2020.2 – Building Design Edition

MG Connected 2020.2 – Building Design Edition

Stay connected to the technology transforming the AEC industry. We’ve pulled some of our latest and greatest content and paired it with some of the industry’s hottest topics – providing you an AEC technology information hub full of rich content. From building design to construction management to infrastructure design to all things MG – we’ve got you covered.

Transition to Named User

Autodesk is moving away from plans based on serial numbers and will instead be assigning each subscription to a named user. In other words, each Autodesk software plan will be based on actual people.

As you navigate this transition, our team is dedicated to helping you understand how your current Autodesk technology is being leveraged in order to optimize your investment strategies moving forward. Explore our resources linked below and contact us with any questions or inquiries.

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Baseball Season is Here – Consider MG Your Deep Bench

All MG to help stabilize uncertainty and set you up for success. As your team expands and contracts, let our deep bench of technical talent work alongside your design and production teams, as well as your existing CAD and BIM managers. Contact us to discuss your lineup >

Revit Model Health Check

Are Revit warnings causing slow open and save times, broken, misbehaving geometry, model corruption, or computer rage? Find out how you can save hundreds of valuable hours, and your sanity, while providing valuable insights into the current health, and long-term trends, of your Revit models.

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MG Pro-Revit Tools

The 2021 version of our Pro-Revit Tools is now available. These tools extend the capabilities of Revit. They are designed to assist in making your life easier and more productive when working within Revit by reducing the number of tedious tasks you undertake. Download your free 21-day trial today >

Revit Rendering in the Cloud

Model in Revit? Let your designs speak for themselves. Check out this quick tip to learn best practices on processing 3D-view renderings from Revit. Read tip here >

How 3 Global Architecture and Engineering Firms are Revitalizing Work in 2020

Learn how firms are continuing their workflows and supporting culture in the absence of a physical infrastructure. Read article here >

Featured Autodesk Revit Webinars

Catch up on or register for our latest Revit focused webinars. From 2021 updates to workflows, learn how you can utilize Revit for more.

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Expand Your Expertise with MG

You have the tools; we will help you build the skills to use them effectively. From BIM 360 to Visualization to Dynamo, we have recently expanded our course selection to include more condensed, half-day offerings. Come join us! View calendar here >