The future of smart 3D mapping and planning.

CyberCity 3D, Inc.™

CyberCity 3D empowers your projects with accurate, high-resolution 3D city models boasting nearly unlimited uses. These 3D models are generated using stereo imagery and can be translated to most commercial 3D file formats. With the ability to access these 3D maps on a desktop, tablet or mobile device, you can work from any environment. The precise measurements of these smart buildings allow you to import custom information, giving you the ability to better analyze, visualize, communicate and present your projects.


    Precise Measurements: You have the ability to create highly compelling planning and design project studies and presentations with ease, using CyberCity 3D buildings. CyberCity 3D content is loaded with accurate measurements (up to four-inch accuracy) and a host of smart data attributes. There is also room for custom information, which can be tailored to your needs.


    3D File Formats: Your project teams can count on ease-of-use and compatibility. CyberCity 3D data works with major commercial 3D platforms and has the ability to be exported into virtually all commercial 3D file formats. Autodesk Integration: Your projects using CyberCity 3D city models can be integrated with market-leading design and analytic platforms including Infraworks, Revit, 3ds Max, Stingray, and more. Browser Based: Achieve maximum visual effectiveness with stakeholders and clients by streaming CyberCity’s 3D buildings wherever your network reaches, on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.


    Analytic Support for Projects: CyberCity 3D models bring virtual substance to your projects as well. This allows them to easily be used in solar gain, shadow, wind, view shed, and other critical analysis functions vital to your project’s success.


    Subscription: Currently, CyberCity 3D provides two convenient and affordable subscription service options for 3D Streaming Maps and 3D data, making them very cost-effective for all of your projects.


    CyberCity 3D continues to push the envelope in adding 3D building feature information. Stay tuned!

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