As a Silver Partner with Esri, the world leader in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technologies, MG brings rich, new dimension to the traditional AEC industry landscape - bringing visionary design and data products and services providing improved project workflows, stronger collaboration and strategic thought to every project.

Building Together

GIS is transforming AEC firms through improved workflows, better collaboration, and strategic partnerships to build smart communities and assets for the future. Add location to design to understand projects in context and deliver repeatable solutions.

MG is leading the way with  Partners Esri + Autodesk – bringing the full power of this Location + Design integration to the AEC industry and are experts in a host of design technologies and in-depth consulting services we bring to clients.

Esri invited MG to become one of a select few AEC Industry Specialist Partners, recognizing the tremendous value GIS technology can bring to a well-rounded and fully informed AEC project process.


Stay tuned – new webinars coming September 2020!