Capture the world around you with full-colour panoramic images overlaid on a high-accuracy point cloud. 

Reality Capture with the Push of a Button

The BLK360 captures site conditions by allowing you to overlay high-resolution, 3D panoramic images over a point-cloud model. The unit is the smallest and lightest of its kind and is so easy to use with a push of a button.

In conjunction with Autodesk ReCap Pro, the scan data can be uploaded to the mobile app in real-time. Data can be cleaned up and analyzed in ReCap, and ultimately transferred to CAD or BIM software such as Revit, or other VR and AR applications. Integration with Autodesk software streamlines reality capture and opens the technology up for all AEC professionals.

BLK360 Imaging Laser Scanner

The BLK2GO handheld imaging laser scanner recreates spaces in 3D as you move. It captures images and dimensionally accurate point clouds in real-time and uses SLAM technology to record your trajectory through space. Scan over and under objects, through rooms and doorways, around corners, and up and down stairwells. Using SLAM spatial awareness technology, BLK2GO knows where it is and where it has been in space.

ReCap Pro Software

Check out how quick and easy it is to get an onsite scan collected, transferred to an iPad, registered, and ready to be imported to Autodesk ReCap Pro with the Leica BLK360.

BLK Setup Recap + Revit

See how easy it is to work with your scan in Autodesk Recap and Revit so you can easily view the data most important to you.