YouBIM® BIM for FM. Simple.

YouBIM® is a Cloud-based Software that extends the power and value of BIM throughout the Building Lifecycle by giving owners an integrated database with instant access to building asset and location information in an easy-to-navigate web 2D/3D-BIM interface.

Rich data and documents (PDFs, JPGs, Excel, etc.) are attached to smart 2D/3D objects in the online BIM dataset. Additionally, the software includes “light” Work Order and Preventative Maintenance functionalities. It can integrate with many different CMMS and CAFM systems (IBM, Maximo, ArchiBUS, Infor, etc.) as well as integrate with BAS/BMS which displays live performance data in the YouBIM® environment.

The software is the “Google Maps” for a facility, answering the “where” (location) and the “what” (attributes, history, specs, BAS data, etc.) of the components within the facility (assets, systems, spaces). Although BIM has proven value for the design and construction processes, it is only emerging within facilities management. Most currently available tools can be difficult to use and required trained personnel to even access them. Therefore, YouBIM® is focused on one principle: simplicity to allow easy access to non-BIM experts.

Main Features

Accessible in any web browser. No software installation required – but it can be configured to be hosted on-premise behind a firewall if desired. IM Module, or “Information Management” that allows relevant stakeholders (Consultants, Contractors, Owners) to collect and validate data and documents relative to their sites, facilities, rooms, systems, and assets. Autodesk Revit upload plugin for extracting and processing data and models with the ability to push to the cloud. Powerful search tool 2D & 3D floor plans and model viewer with work order module Energy “Quick Look” module which provides an overview of equipment performance customization for visual alarms or visual reporting.


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