“We constantly seek to integrate innovative and cutting-edge tools…As an add-in for Revit, FenestraPro Premium offers flexibility and quickness to test different forms, and provides detailed information about thermal, solar and daylight performance that helps us make informed decisions about building orientation, solar shading, and amount, distribution and type of glazing. Getting guidance on these decisions early in the design process offers the ability to have a  greater positive impact on the design, and avoid cost implications of design changes later on.” – Natalia Quintanilla | AS+GG
Sustainability Specialist & Architect





Bringing the Design Back
to the Designer

FenestraPro Premium for Revit is an intuitive and easy to use add-in that enables architects to design energy efficient building façades to comply with building regulations and required performance, without compromising the aesthetic of the façade. It integrates building design with performance, and allows the Architect to maintain control of the aesthetic of the building and improves the design process by eliminating costly late stage redesign. FenestraPro Premium is easily used within Revit to engage and understand the implications of design for improved compliance checking from the earliest point in the process, while optimizing façade performance.



BIM Environment

All of the materials and information of the building model are used in the calculations to analyze the building performance.

Site Location & Orientation

Based on geo-location, orientation and surrounding buildings, FenestraPro Premium utilizes Meteonorm© solar data to analyze passive heat loads and daylighting on each façade.

Elemental & Thermal Performance

Based on elemental and overall thermal performance values, either set by the user, or drawn from the Revit families applied, FenestraPro Premium will establish the optimal glass to wall ratio.

Designed for Revit

As an add-in for Autodesk Revit, FenestraPro Premium reads from and writes to the Revit model, fitting into current Revit workflows without creating additional models.

Glazing Specification

To control overheating and maximize daylighting, FenestraPro Premium for Revit demonstrates the impact of alternative glazing specifications on the building’s performance.

Optimized Shading Design

FenestraPro Premium enables the architect to design appropriate shading or fritting for the building to ensure occupant comfort, and that the building doesn’t overheat.

Daylighting Analysis

Design daylight factors are provided to demonstrate implications with regard to its performance on day-lighting levels, thereby reducing the requirement for artificial lighting.

Design & Performance Parameters

FenestraPro Premium for Revit is the ultimate design software developed specifically to understand the implications of early stage design decisions, and eliminate the need for later stage re-design.