What’s New in Revit 2021 – Architecture Updates

What’s New in Revit 2021 – Architecture Updates

Revit 2021 introduced some big updates to the architecture functionality within Revit – three of which made our top 10 list.

Generative Design

Quickly evaluate design options and save time with automation

  • Create and explore generative studies directly in Revit.
    •   – Generate design options
    •   – Filter and rank results
    •   – Explore outcomes
    •   – Evaluate goals
    •   – Create Revit elements
  • Sample studies included.

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Real-time Realistic Views

Work directly in better, easier, and faster realistic views

  • More than 10x improvement in performance – much faster and smoother view navigation.
  • More convincing material and lighting appearance.
  • Automatic lighting exposure control.
  • Replaces previous realistic mode.

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Slanted Walls

Easily model slanted architectural, structural, and curtain walls

  • Apply a slant or tilt to walls.
    •   – During or after wall creation
    •   – Works for walls curved in plan
    •   – Adjustable with grips
  • Cross-Section and Angle from Vertical instance parameters.
    •   – Vertical or Slanted
    •   – +90 to -90 degrees
  • Hosted elements may be vertical or slanted (e.g. windows, doors).

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Revit-to-Inventor Linking

Better support for design-to-fabrication workflows

  • Link Revit 3D data into Inventor assemblies with AnyCAD.
  • When the referenced model is updated in Revit, Inventor users receive a notification.
  • Inventor components with dependencies also update.

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In posts to follow, we will explore the updates to Revit for structural engineering + fabrication and MEP disciplines. We’ve broken down our favorite 2021 updates here and the Revit 2021 platform enhancements here.