What’s New in Revit 2021 – MEP

What’s New in Revit 2021 – MEP

Autodesk introduced a number of improvements to the MEP workspace within Revit. Learn what tools and upgrades Autodesk Revit 2021 is bringing to workflows.

Electrical Circuit Naming

Better flexibility with circuit naming schemes

  • Circuit naming schemes enabled in electrical settings.
  • Circuit identifier in panel schedules.
  • Circuit identifier on wire and device tags.
  • French and UK templates are preloaded with ‘By Project’ default settings.

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Single Phase L-N Panelboards

Support single phase L-N panels in your projects

  • Added single phase L-N panelboards.
  • Panel schedules now hide columns for unused phases.
  • Distribution systems and panels checked for compatibility (warning if mismatch).

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Switchboard Circuit Quantity

Accurately reflect the quantity of circuits in your schedules

  • The number of rows in panel schedules for switchboards now reflect the quantity of circuits, not the number of connected poles.
  • Updated parameter name “Max Number of Circuits”.

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Switchboard Circuit Phase Selection

Better communicate design intent and better analyze electrical loads

  • Added switchboard ‘Switch Phases’ control to set phase of 1- and 2-pole loads.
  • Parameters of spares and spaces may be modified, e.g. poles and frame size.

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Panel Schedule Nodes Listed Under Sheets in Project Browser

Better panel schedule access to assist with project navigation

  • Panel schedules now appear under sheet list in properties.
  • Panel schedules are now searchable in the Project Browser.
  • Circuit and panel properties may be modified in the Properties Palette from the panel schedule view.*

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MEP Worksharing Enhancements

Worksharing enhancements facilitate better collaboration

  • Only directly-modified elements are borrowed.
  • Elements borrowed upon opening files resolved.
  • Circular syncing requests resolved.

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P&ID Modeler on BIM 360 Docs

Centralized cloud platform for transfer of project information

  • P&ID Modeler is now available on BIM 360 Docs.
  • Replaces functionality previously available on BIM 360 Team.
    •   – P&ID diagrams are available in Revit
    •   – P&ID progress is color-coded to ensure correct usage and positioning

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New Pipe Flow Units (+ Units Framework)

Popular units have been added for mechanical design

  • New pipe flow units have been added: Cubic Feet per Hour, Cubic Feet per Minute, and Liters per Hour.

MEP Fabrication Extension Integration

Fabrication capabilities are now integrated into Revit

  • MEP Fabrication Export now located under the File tab.
  • Import MEP Fabrication Job on the Insert tab.
  • Export Job File on the Contextual Ribbon tab.

MEP Systems Analysis*

Significantly more integrated HVAC systems design analysis

  • Create analytical geometry from models.
  • Validate your model and review analysis.
  • Create custom analysis workflows.
  • HVAC systems sketch tool for spaces.
  • Extended zone equipment and plant loop types.

*Revit 2021 includes all enhancements released in Revit 2020.1 and 2020.2

With this latest release of Revit, Autodesk has packed in so many new features and enhancements – which were inspired by you, Revit users. Check out our other posts for the full scope of what’s new.

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