What’s New in Revit 2021 – Structure Updates

What’s New in Revit 2021 – Structure Updates

Revit 2021 has released a number of enhancements and features benefiting structural engineering and fabrication disciplines. See what’s new for structure oriented workflows.

Create New Standard 3D Rebar Shapes

Introduce new, intelligent 3D rebar shapes

  • Enable shape codes completeness.
  • Extract bending instructions.
  • Full fabrication instructions.

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Couplers for Arc-shaped Rebar

Model arc-shaped reinforcement at a higher level of detail

  • High fidelity of rebar modeling for fabrication.
  • Greater support of circular structures.

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End Treatments without Couplers for Rebar

Easily model reinforcement end treatments

  • Set up end treatment parameters.
    •   – End Treatment At Start and End
    •   – Treated and Welded
  • High fidelity rebar modeling for fabrication.

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3D Solid Fabric Sheets Visualization

Improve visualization and coordination of reinforcement

  • Solid/unobscured representation of wire fabrics in 3D views.
  • Clash check for all reinforcement in 3D views.

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Override Hook Lengths by Instance

Easily customize rebar hook lengths

  • Faster adjustment to accommodate design intent.
  • Specify the hook lengths for each rebar in the project.
  • Full fabrication instructions.

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Integrated Precast Automation

Powerful precast capabilities are now integrated into Revit

  • Fully integrated in Revit.
  • Localized to all Revit languages.
  • Imperial units are supported.
  • Simplified deployment.
  • Control modeling overrides for precast assemblies.

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Integrated Steel Connection Automation Nodes in Dynamo for Revit

Dynamo nodes for steel connections are now installed with Revit

  • Nodes available in Dynamo for Revit.
  • Thumbnail pictures for all nodes.
  • Sample scripts available.

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Integrated Structural Analysis Results Exploration

Structural analysis visualization tools are now integrated into Revit

  • Results Manager and Results Exploration tools are installed with Revit.
  • Manage and view analysis results directly with Revit.
  • Simplified deployment.

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Steel Object Editing Enhancements

Easily create and modify steel component shapes

  • Edit Boundary or Edit Pattern button.
  • Editable steel objects:
    •   – Steel plates
    •   – Contour cuts on beams / plates
    •   – Bolts / anchors / shear stud patterns
  • Use the editing tools to:
    •   – Adjust the sketch
    •   – Stretch a plate
    •   – Specify the circular opening diameter

Create Stiffeners on Beams + Columns

Create and modify stiffeners with dedicated features

  • New dedicated tool (appears alongside other steel connections).
  • Family type and instance parameters.
    •   – Duplicate with different configurations (e.g. one or two stiffeners, with or without chamfers)
  • Specific snap point for easier selection.
  • Can be moved, aligned, or copied along the beam or to different beams.

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Insert Steel Elements in Vertical Views

Model steel components in any 2D or 3D view

  • Model steel components in 2D and 3D views, such as sections and elevations.
  • Steel elements include:
    •   – Plates
    •   – Contour cuts on beams and plates
    •   – Bolts, anchors, shear studs, and holes

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Dimensions Snapping to Steel Plates

Create better documentation with more dimensioning options

  • Dimension to the centerline in a front view.
  • Dimension to the midpoint in a side view.

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In our last post on What’s New in Revit 2021 we will be sharing the MEP related updates. See our posts on our Top 10 of Revit 2021, Revit platform updates and architecture updates for more.