Save time and money, project after project.

Bluebeam construction software gives teams the flexibility to work together anywhere through design, build and handover.

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Manage projects on any device, anywhere

Bluebeam’s desktop and cloud collaboration solutions are built on open standards, so you can seamlessly access documents and data on any web or iOS device, onsite or off.

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Bluebeam Revu

Revu offers powerful, highly customizable document management, markup and automation tools with a built-in collaboration space, Studio.

Log in to any desktop with Revu installed and access your projects and tool sets

Mark up and measure together with teammates in real time using Studio

Share the latest drawings and documents with teams in the field using Bluebeam Cloud

Increase security and simplify user login with single sign-on (SSO)

Bluebeam Revu


Bluebeam Cloud

Connect the office and field and complete workflows on the go with Bluebeam Cloud, the new suite of web and mobile solutions that seamlessly connects with your documents and tool sets in Revu.

Work from anywhere via web or iOS device – no setup or installation required

Seamlessly access your tool sets and Studio Project files from Revu

Easily invite team members to mark up and collaborate in real time with the Markup Editor

Effortlessly manage site inspection, RFIs and submittals on the go with Field Tools

Bluebeam Revu Services



Get more out of Revu and Bluebeam Cloud with built-in services designed to help you finish the job faster:

Unlimited secure centralized cloud storage (as part of Studio and Bluebeam Cloud)

Access to integrations to support custom workflows

Access to Bluebeam University training courses at no additional cost

Detailed user activity tracking, reporting, and data insights

Geolocational insights to help visualize, connect, and organize data

Designed for today’s construction projects.

Bluebeam Revu for Construction


Access work anywhere

Store entire projects in the cloud, invite teammates to digitally collaborate in real time, and access plans and drawings on any web or iOS device in the office or field.


Communicate Effortlessly

Communicate changes with industry-standard markup and measurement tools. All updates are tracked, preserving important project data you can share with anyone, anywhere.


Onboard Teams Faster

Gain administrative control with simplified self-serve license management and deployment. Then get everyone up to speed on key features and workflows with Bluebeam University training courses at no additional cost.


Data Security You Can Trust

Bluebeam’s global data infrastructure helps organizations mitigate risk and stay compliant with superior security, privacy, and control.

Bluebeam Security

Bluebeam is SOC 2 Type 1 certified, so you can securely access local AWS-based servers, meet data residency requirements, and collaborate with teammates anywhere in the world.

Bluebeam Revu Secure

Enable single sign-on (SSO) access for your whole team and get full administrative control over who sees what.


Connect Your Apps with Bluebeam

Get more done in one place. Connect with external apps, automate custom workflows, and share data across devices, systems, and teams.

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Bluebeam App
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Bluebeam Integrations
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Bluebeam New Integrations


Your Work, Your Way

Choose from three subscription plans tailored to a variety of project needs in the office and the field. Each plan combines Revu and Bluebeam Cloud functionality with services designed to help you maximize productivity.


Essential tools for marking up and managing your back office and AECO project documents.

Popular Features

PDF editing, plus digital signatures and basic measurements

Ability to create, review, mark up, and store content on any web or iOS device using the Markup Editor

Unlimited access to partner-built integrations


Comprehensive tools for managing and collaborating on small- and mid-sized AECO projects. Includes everything in Basics, plus enhanced features.

Popular Features

Real-time digital collaboration (via Studio in Revu)

Document overlay and compare

Site inspection, RFI, and submittals management on the go with Field Tools

Geolocational insights


Everything you need to manage and optimize complex AECO projects at scale. Includes everything in Basics and Core, plus advanced features.

Popular Features

Advanced measurement and quantity estimation tools (formulas, Excel live link, Dynamic Fill, and more)

Advanced automations for scaling projects

Batch digital signature and professional seal, Batch Link® and Batch Slip Sheet

Ability to implement scripting commands


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Resources for Success

As a Bluebeam Platinum Partner, MG is proud to offer your teams the support they need to be successful and maximize your return on investment.

Client Support

Stay in sync with support for account organization and license consolidation provided by a dedicated team of experts and Bluebeam Certified Sales Professionals.

Technical Support

Connect with our team of Bluebeam Certified Support Representatives instantly online and get the resources you need to successfully deploy and maintain the latest version of Bluebeam software across your organization.


Explore custom profile development and consult with a team of industry experts to maximize and maintain efficiency using Bluebeam solutions.


As a Bluebeam Certified Training Provider, MG offers four core courses designed to shorten your staff’s learning curve and maximize your investment in Bluebeam solutions faster. MG also offers custom training to suit your needs.

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