Copy line work between Revit Families and Projects

Copy line work between Revit Families and Projects

Let’s say you need to create some custom geometry that takes its shape from some other geometry in your project. One solution is to create a custom in-place family. But, what if this custom piece is repeated in multiple locations or you want to use it in another project? You decide you are better off creating a separate family.

While you can’t use the ceilings, walls, and levels from your project as context in the family editor, you can sketch your custom geometry in the project using detail lines in elevation views in the project. Now, you want to use that line work in the family editor to create a 3D family only Revit won’t let you copy between a Project and a Family.

Well, you’re in luck because there is a work-around! All you need to do is copy the line work into a Profile family first, and then you can copy from there into your 3D family. In this example we are creating a face-based generic model.¬†First we copy the detail lines from 2 elevations in the Project into a Profile family. From there we use that line work to create an extrusion and then a void to cut the extrusion.


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