Demolish Parts of a Curtain Wall

Demolish Parts of a Curtain Wall

In this Click Saver, I want to talk about how to demolish parts of a curtain wall. If you have not tried this before the problem in Revit is that you can only demolish the entire wall, not just a panel or mullion. So let’s learn how to get around this limitation, while we wait for the factory to hopefully address this issue in a future release.

I’m going to assume that you know how to use the Phasing Tools in Revit and want to learn more on how to best handle this situation when it comes up on a project. The picture below shows that we need to demolish the existing door and put in a new one further down, the new door location is the green lines that are shown.

So first thing I’m going to do is select the existing curtain wall and in the properties change the Phase Created to Existing, this will make the entire curtain wall turn gray.

Now we need to take the existing door and somehow make it dashed to represent that it is going to be demolished. Now I’m not going to use the Graphic Override tool to do this because I want to make sure my door schedule is correct at the end of the day. What I’m going to do instead is select the existing door using the Tab key and in the Properties change it to Empty System Panel. This will cause Revit to create a void in the curtain wall, which is exactly what we want for the next step.

In a plan view I’m going to draw a new curtain wall using the type called Curtain Wall 1 to place it in the new void that we created, make sure to get the height corrected so it fits within the void. Don’t worry about the warning that comes up about having a wall within another wall.

Now pick on the newly created curtain wall called Curtain Wall 1 and pick on Edit Type in Properties. Pick on Duplicate and give it a name of Curtain Wall with Door. Choose the drop-down for Curtain Panel and select the door that you used before, in my case I used Curtain Wall Dbl Glass. When you pick Ok you will notice that you have a door in your void.

Select the Curtain Wall with Door and in the Properties change the Phased Demolished to New Construction. You should notice in the view it is now dashed.

Looking at this in a plan view it is looking just like we want for a demo plan representation. The other bonus is when we do a door schedule it will only schedule the new doors since we are truly using the Phasing tools with the correct methods.

See you in class,